Chapter two

Finding work

Once you’re all set up with your limited company and your business bank account, it’s time to find some work. Freelance creative work in London can be found a number of ways. Below are my top tips which I use and recommend.

Best time of year to find work

It’s worth noting what time of year it is depends on how easy it is to find freelance creative work in London. The European summer is the busiest and easiest time to pick up work being June, July and August.

The hardest times of year to find freelance work in London is January through to March. Make sure you’ve got some work lined up or some money saved to cover yourself over this period.It gets really quiet which can be tough. If you’re moving to London I would definitely make the move in the summertime.

Using recruiters

There are a lot of recruiters in London. Below is my list of the best ones I’ve worked with. Initially you will required to come in for a face to face meet and greet. The recruiter will always request you bring in the relevant paperwork. Make sure you have your passport and professional references ready. If you’re a non UK national make sure you have your visa and residence card on you.

Recommended freelance creative recruiters in London:

Online platforms

As an alternative to recruiters there are a number of great online platforms to help you find work. They take a little bit to set up, but once you’re setup they are really handy. I particularly like getting freelance roles sent straight to my inbox.

Recommended London freelance creative platforms:

How much to charge

The majority of freelance contracts in London will be based on a daily rate. Depending on what you do and your level of experience, your day rate could be from £150 per day through to £500 plus a day for really senior creatives.

Working on Saturday should be charged at 1.5 times your daily rate and on Sunday your day rate should be double time.

It’s worth noting freelancers only get paid for the time they work in London. No sick day pay. No holiday or paid public holidays. Some days no matter how crap you’re feeling, you’ll have to drag yourself into the office I’m afraid.

  • Finding work tip: A lot of recruiters post frequent updates for freelance work on LinkedIn. Be sure to connect with a number of London based creative recruiters to be kept in the loop.

    Craig Barber
    Craig Barber Senior Designer / Art Director


Another way to find creative work in London is good old fashioned networking. I’m a fan of network events as it’s a social thing as much as it is about finding work. You’ll find it a lovely experience to mix with other creatives in London.

A list of the best networking and meet-ups for creatives in London:

Creative Organizations

For all of you advertising creatives out there, there is a little known non profit for London based creatives, it’s called Nabs. Check them out if you need help or advice on all things advertising industry related.