Chapter one

Getting set up

Getting setup to freelance in London does require some paperwork. The two main things you have to do is setup a private limited company and open a business bank account.

Setting up your own limited company is the best option for earning the most cash. There are number of other benefits to a limited company which I’ll cover later.

Setting up your limited company

The first steps in setting up your limited company is picking a name for your business. It can be your real name, like Craig Barber Ltd. Or it could be something a little more creative. Once you’ve decided on your name, head over to the Companies House website to see if your chosen name is available.

Once you’ve got your name locked in, visit the Companies House website and take the steps to register your business online.

Getting a business bank account

In order to charge people via your limited company, you have to have a business bank account. Most of the large banks offer business bank accounts. I’m with HSBC. I find they are competitive and they also offer me an overdraft of £1000 which can be handy when just getting started.

  • Banking tip: Make sure you get a debit card with your business bank account. You will use this card to pay for your business expenses.

    Craig Barber
    Craig Barber Senior Designer / Art Director

A fast track way to get set up

If you’re in a hurry or just need some help there are alternatives to setting everything up yourself. When setting up my limited company and bank account I used a company called Crunch. These guys specialise in getting folks set up. They also have a great online platform that helps you with all of your books and accounting. Very handy.


Some recruiters may require you to take out yearly insurance. The type of insurance is called ‘Employers Liability Insurance’. Depending on which cover you get, It costs around £170 per year. Although a small thing, some employers may favour you over the next person if you have it, but it’s not mandatory. I found my insurance through these guys.